Friday, April 11, 2014

5 minute anger management

In this day and age, it just seems so silly that we let something like anger or frustration ruin entire days. It could be something small, like a parking ticket, cranky kid or being late to work. It could be a small fight with a lover, an annoying co-worker or the thought of impending bills. Regardless of what it is, it's seriously time that people learn to embrace the five minute rule.

This is where you give yourself five minutes to be as angry, upset or frustrated as you need to be, then you let it go. You build a paper airplane in your mind, load it with your emotions and then send that sucker flying out as far away from you as possible, never to return again.

I know it sounds crazy, but this tip can really change your life. The trick is in remembering the five year rule. If the issue that's upsetting you is going to effect you so much that it will ruin your life for the next five years, then go ahead and be upset for as long as you need. If not, get over it. It's not worth holding onto and allowing it to ruin your day and the day of those around you who don't deserve it either.

Remember, five minutes. No more, no less.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Wtf is a Plumicorn?

Its been at least a year since I knew that I wanted to start a random blog for myself, and the only things that has stopped me has been not being able to think of a proper name for my blog of randomness. I know its a silly thing to hold a person back from their greatness, though that's usually the story, isn't it?

 It wasn't until last night during an episode of Says You on NPR, that the name of my blog finally fell into my lap. On the radio show thry were playing a game where the announcer gives the contestants a word and then hands everyone a card. All of the cards except one have the word "bluff" written on them. The other card has the factual definition of the word. The team with the cards get 3 minutes to think of their bluffs and then they report them to the guessing team.

 The word of the night was "Plumicorn". The possible definitions to chose from were:

 1. A Chilean seasoning
 2. The plummage from the ears of a horned owl
 3. An obscure instrument

Which answer would you choose?

I tell you it was hilarious listening to this show, and then amazing to find out that Plumicorn is the fluff from the ears of a horned owl. It was then that it dawned on me, how great a name that would be for my blog. Owls have been known for their wisdom since ancient times, and their plumicorn is concerned sacred to many native tribes. It's said to bring great wisdom to those who find it and I hope this blog will be the same for those who find it.

Within these pages, I'll share many things. My journeys and shamanic studies, insights into dreams and symbols, talks about magick and otherworldly topics, and some randomness from my life. Some you'll find useful, others maybe not so much. Who knows? That's the fun of it all, right?

No matter what, I look forward to going through this journey with you and I hope to learn as much about you as you do about me =)