Monday, September 28, 2015

Adventures in Juicing - Log 2: Peaches are not your friends...

I didn't want to believe it at first, and then I went into absolute denial about it. How could peaches of all things, not be super good for you? They're sweet, delicious and packed full of mother natures juiciest flavor. How could it be possible that they are also one of the worst fruits to add to your juicing recipes?

Sadly, after many many juices with peaches as the primary fruit, I've just had to give in. They have so much fructose naturally, that when they are consumed in juice form, they send so much sugar ricocheting through your blood stream that it's enough to leave anyone dizzy and frazzled. Even just one peach can do this. Trust me, I've tried every possible combination. While peaches make for a fantastic flavor, they don't make for a fantastic and healthy juice.

That being said, while I've had to allow my favorite fruit to rest in peace, that doesn't mean I've given up on creating ultra yummy juices. Like most, I've found that apples are a great base for sweet flavor in your juices, though there are others that have worked out fairly well so far. Fruits like grapes, kiwi's and banana's also make healthy bases.

What fruits have you found to be just right for your juices?

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