Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy On5 Cellular Phone

Its been just over two weeks since I bought and started using my new Galaxy On5, and honestly, i cannot say I'm overly satisfied with it. For the price and the newness of it, i admit i expected much greater performance and utility.

Now, because i have to use my phone for work, I recognize that i am a bit harder pm my phones than the average user probably is. That being said, the only slightly abnormal use on my end, is constantly running google maps for directions around the city while I'm delivering. And even within that use, my old tired aquos sharp phone, that froze up constantly, could hold a battery charge about twice as long as this new On5 and at very least stayed on if i kept it plugged in. Even on my days off, when i mostly use my Samsung phone for light internet browsing for fifteen mins here and there, i seem to only be able to get a good four or five hours of off the charger time with this phone. Even when i have my On5 plugged into a charger, it still drains and drains until its gone, even if i only have a few very light apps in use. Not cool.

Next, i know it's silly, but for the newness of the software and the Samsung brand name, i was really expecting to see that this phone had gyroscope on it for playing games like pokemon go. To my dismay, the On5 comes with no such features.

On the good side, i do like that this phone has a sturdy windows feature that lets you go back and forth between apps your using, and makes it easy to get back to whatever you were using. I also like the size. It fits in your hand but isn't super tiny either.

Those aren't the only good features of the On5, but I'm having a hard time focusing on them as i struggle to write this very blog, because the Swype keyboard feature in this phone is very clunky and far from intuitive. I also see that my phone, for the second time today, is telling me I'm almost out of storage space again. This is probably my biggest peeves about the On5. It's packed to the brim with useless phone provider and Samsung apps that you cannot uninstall, that take up most of the phones tiny 8gigs of internal space.

Now, this isn't my first time around the block, so i knew when i bought it that it was going to be full of crap apps, so I bought a 32 gig sd card in anticipation of that. I really wish phone providers and manufacturers would get the hint and stop prefilling phones, but until then, i figured a large card should cover everything i want to use.

Sadly, despite the fact that i have over 22 gigs of space still open on my card, the phone still does not seem to understand that it can store pretty much anything on the card. No matter how many times i switch things over to external storage, something you have to annoyingly do manually on this phone, it still stores every junk file and cache on the internal drives, and requires a daily cache wipe and storage transfer if you have more than three or four non native apps you want to use. With most of society using their phones for both business and pleasure, it can be easy to fill up the measly 2.5 gigs you get left with after you disable most of that crap apps.

All in all, I'm upset to yet again have a brand new phone with so many issues with usability and utility. I expected better from you samsung. Truly.

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