Saturday, August 6, 2016

What is it about Money?

You know, there's just something about money that is so frustratingly illusive.

It's like the mirage in the dessert when you're dying of thirst and heat exhaustion. No matter how close you think you're getting, it's always just out of reach. And even if you do manage to reach it, you'll find it to be nothing more than mounds of sand that forever slips out of your grasp.

It seems like no matter what you do, it's always way too easy to spend five times as much money than you have, and ten times as hard to make it back.

Whenever you have it, life feels easier, even if you have to work until your bones bleed to keep it coming in. When you don't have it, it feels like you're bones are bleeding around the clock even if you're not working at all. When you have it, it's so easy to imagine a million ways to spend it. Part of it obviously goes to the things you have to have to live and be at least moderately comfortable. Then at least another small part needs to be saved. Though the rest... the rest has so many possibilities... You could use some of it to fix that old car that was supposed to be ready to go months ago. Or better yet, you could just sell that car and use some of your new incoming money to get a newer car that wouldn't be such a hassle. Though that would mean getting into another payment plan, which just reminds you of the last time you were sure you could handle a payment plan for a car, and failed abysmally once medical issues occurred that stopped you from being able to work and continue paying those payments.

So scratch the newer car idea. That's not a good plan. Just fix the old car. It's cheaper, easier, and doesn't require a long term financial commitment to any loan sharks.

Though what about other things you don't exactly need, but that would make your life easier... like a new phone that has a battery that will last longer than 30 minutes while you're using it for your independent courier business... Or new tires for the run down car you're using for deliveries.

The mind goes back and forth between all the things that you need to get down, and all the things you've wanted to do for so long. Both types of spending have been on your list for years as your debt only seemed to grow, and that weighs on the mind and you consider what you absolutely need to get done, need to have to keep working, and what sort of wiggle room you could squeeze out of whatever income is coming in.

There's just something about money. Whoever created that first spell either new very well what nefarious magick they were manifesting, or they unwittingly stumbled upon a torturous mistake that they couldn't contain. Either way, they put an energy out into this world that has and will continue to plague human kind for eons.

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